I love watching drama and also movie. Not only KDrama or KMovie but also another drama and movie (US Or even Bollywood if it’s fit me~)

I also love KPop… I’m Cassiopeia since 2008 until now~ My favourite is Yunho U-Know~ I also love BEAST (but yeah I think I’m not yet B2UTY, since I’m not ‘too’ crazy with BEAST, and I’m Yoseob fans –> but start to looking at DooJoon)… Love another Kpop Idol and Singer…

Also love JPop~ Big fan of Tohoshinki (ahhhh~ not need to be mention) and Yuya Matsushita and also love to listening EXILE~

Only post everything I want to post~ so don’t try to ordering me to post anything… Hahahahahaha

I love your comment, especially if you comment on my TVXQ’s about post >,< khehehehhehe


2 Responses to Me~

  1. yulia says:

    Ne, sankyu udah upload pv yuya aq cr susah bgt pv nya . Btw ad beberapa link yg mati.. T.T
    Arigatou gozaimasu!!

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